The app aims to transform the predictable random search of places in public parking, reduce people's time, fuel consumption and pollution generated, over the irritability natural to drive a car in the big city.  Public car parks still work from the system random and not of those who arrive first. The driver 'A' can go in circles for hours, while a driver 'B' can find a free place on fluke. It is an ancient problem of medium and large cities, whose solution involves the active participation of its residents. 

The application is developed by location online maps of the city, where the positions of the public pay parking and free in the search area. The application works by the action participatory by users. Do it download now. 

Scope Project


The Street Parking application is developed through online location maps, on which virtual vacancies of free and paid parking on public roads float. The project developed by the Brazilian journalists Geraldo Seabra and Luciene Santos is part of the participatory and collaborative action of the users. Started in December 2015 in Italy, the first part of the Street Parking project was completed in Brazil, but exactly in Sabará, a city located in the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais).