Street Parking App

The Street Parking application is designed so that drivers themselves can share parking lots on public roads. The vacancies are distributed in six categories in the research area: paid, free, elderly, pregnant, family and special.

project scope

The Street Parking application aims to make predictable the old random search for places on public roads, thus reducing search time through the system of social sharing of places by users. In total there are six types of vacancies available: paid, free, pregnant, disabled, family and elderly. The service also offers a possibility to share spaces in areas for motorcycles as well as bicycles in destinations and service services. The application also allows you to share areas where traffic is allowed or not for vehicles for the location. In addition, the application offers additional services such as message notification, address map search through voice service, and SOS signaling, sending your station parked. When you return to the main page, click the share parking button to start.